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A fun and unique way to entertain your guests around the dinner table. Click here to find out more.

  • Amuzika is a great way to enliven any social gathering. A lot safer than talking politics and a lot more fun than discussing property prices! A great way to involve everybody, no matter your level or lack of musical ability.
    Peter and Karen HanrattySan Severino, Italy
  • Amazing product, what a brilliant idea. Our family loved it!
    James BagginManaging Director Simmons Removals
  • We have had three dinner parties recently where we played the tuned champagne glasses. Everyone had a great time and we couldn't believe how quickly the evening had gone. If you are looking for something different and hilarious for a social gathering look no further than this product - highly recommended.
    SImon and Miranda GoldfinchLewis, Sussex
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